This is a one-stop employment ∙ start-up support system, consists of innovative training course for entrepreneurship ‘Digital ∙ Life ∙ School’, start-up training program ‘Incubation Center’, and ‘Do Dream Match Makers’ connecting youths who want to work and startups.

  • Digital ∙ Life ∙ School
    Digital ∙ Life ∙ School
    This is an innovative training course for entrepreneurship process for youths, who dream of start-up; implement their business ideas through 12 week team project process. This is an active training process for members of same keyword and interest to form a team through team project process (PBL: Project-based learning), and materialize · expand each team’s items (BM model analysis / business marketability confirmation).
  • Incubation Center
    Incubation Center
    This is customer-oriented incubation program that initial startup improves product through customer development and sales experience on site, and stably commercializes. Active and repetitive market test and customer feedback collection process are supported. Necessary fields for full-scale commercialization such as business model, operational process improvement, manpower, and financing are supported as well.
  • Do Dream Match Makers
    Do Dream Match Makers
    This is a startup-talent matching program that supports youths to increase job competency actually required in enterprises, and understands information of promising startups, providing good jobs to the youths preparing for employment. It consists of conference looking into core competency required for employment such as marketing, planning, and success stories of promising startups, actual job training for 5 weeks, and job matching day, which connects customized startup employment depending on individual competency.