Creative Culture Hub for Public 'Understand = Under + Stand'

UNDER STAND AVENUE is an innovative start-up ∙ job creation platform that grows dreams of youth entrepreneurs and implements by combining digital infrastructure of Shinhan Bank.

It provides one-stop integrated solution from training of start-up ∙ job creation to market test, finance and investment support, and sales distribution support to groom future talent who does what he/she likes, what he/she is good at, and contributes to society.

It also roots for youths who want to find employment by employment training and employment matching with promising startups. Additionally, it plays a role of job creation platform representing warm growth by continuin g employment of vulnerable social group and job creation for seniors with youth entrepreneurs seeking for social value. It is a cultural space for people to enjoy and youths to work through people-focused technology and pleasurable arts.

Please meet various values, share your experience, and spend happy time at UNDER STAND AVENUE.

『S² Bridge : Seoul』 (Do Dream Space) supports youths to find jobs that they enjoy and they are good at through digital infrastructure of Shinhan Bank, knowhow, and systematic startup training.

  • Entrepreneurship

    We provide an innovative entrepreneurship training course ‘Digital∙Life∙School’ and a ‘Creator Education’ which helps young people become professional video creator.

  • Incubation

    It provides support to the initial startup to stabilize business and improve products with an office area, individual container shop, and opening of select shop.

  • Employment

    We run an employment support program ‘Do Dream Match Makers’ that connects startups with youths who are looking for jobs along with customized job training. And also we provide an open lounge for young people ‘Youth Station.’

  • Self-employment

    We support self-employed businessmen through ‘Do Dream Academy’ which is a training of customer management, finance, business management, PR marketing, and a self-banking service ‘Shinhan Consulting Space’.

  • Free Market &

    We hold ‘Majuchijang’ which is a meeting place where the brands created by young entrepreneurs can be discovered and introduced. We also hold various cultural events and festivals for citizens to enjoy.