We plan and operate a variety of programs to support employment and startups for 2039 young people, including entrepreneurship education, fostering startups, job matching, creator education, supporting self-employment, and cultural events.

  • Digital ∙ Life ∙ School
    Digital ∙ Life ∙ School
    This is an innovative entrepreneurship training to find your own job through team project based entrepreneurial simulation. Ideas are supported to be developed as commercialization model through start-up competency training and professional mentoring.
  • The Shinhan Open Innovation
    The Shinhan Open Innovation
    The Shinhan Open Innovation Program is designed to discover new startups with technological capabilities and connect them to companies in need by strengthening their capabilities. It is a program that discovers startups with technological capabilities, in fields such as Big Data, AI, Robotics, and IoT; this program aims to strengthen their technological/business capabilities for 12 weeks, and connect them with the VC investment opportunities and to collaborate with technology demanding companies through PoC and the technology verification.
  • Incubation Center
    Creator Education
    This is an educational program that helps young people become professional video creator. We help creators identify a profit model and settle into a job through theoretical education, channel consulting, and shooting and editing processes.
  • Do Dream Match Makers
    Do Dream Match Makers
    This is an employment support program that connects startups with high potential and youths who are looking for jobs, along with customized job training.
  • Incubation Center
    We provide support to the selected excellent team of Digital∙Life∙School and contest with an office area, individual container shop, and opening of select shop within Shinhan Do Dream Space. This is a customer-oriented incubation program that allows initial startup to stabilize business and improve products through customer development and sales experience in given space.
  • Do Dream Academy
    We give training of customer management, finance, business management, and PR marketing to SOHO self-employed businessmen, and support networking to help enhance their ability to propagate and success.
  • Free Market & Festival
    We hold ‘Majuchijang’, the Young Creator’s Market. This is a meeting place where the brands created by young entrepreneurs can be discovered and introduced. We also hold various cultural events and festivals for citizens to enjoy.